It’s overwhelming to think through how many doors you need to quit your job with real estate. But what if I told you that all you really have to do is get one multifamily deal under your belt?

Over and over again, I’ve observed that once an investor closes on their first deal, they achieve financial freedom very quickly—and with little effort. So, how does that work?

On this episode of Apartment Building Investing, I explain the curious Law of the First Deal, describing how your first deal triggers opportunities for second and third deals in rapid, automatic succession. I share my idea of a Time Freedom Clock, discussing the typical timeline for quitting your job with multifamily. Listen in to understand why the Law of the First Deal works and learn how our new Deal Maker Certification gets you ‘deal ready’ in just 90 days!

Key Takeaways 

The phenomenon around the Law of the First Deal 

  • 1st deal hardest to get and takes average of 12 months
  • 2nd and 3rd deals follow in rapid, automatic succession

The idea around my Time to Freedom Clock

  • Starts when you DECIDE to get started with multifamily
  • 2 to 3 years away from quitting job with real estate

Why the Law of the First Deal works

  1. Start attracting brokers
  2. Become money magnet
  3. Expand comfort zone

How our new Deal Maker Certification gets you ‘deal ready’

  • Learn to find deals, raise money and build team
  • 90 days of daily tasks put new skills into action
  • Provides support with Deal Maker Mastermind


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